Current projects

# Item Priority Who


1 Replace accessible port side annodes Complete
2 Paint that hull
3 Cleanup on deck Complete
4 Install outside tap Abandoned
5 2nd coat of white on superstructure Abandoned
6 Replace "Lady Jane" on hull Abandoned
7 Replace SSR number on superstructure Complete
8 Stow steel plate forward Complete
9 Re-fit stern navigation lamp Complete


1 Finish Wheelhouse roof leak issue Complete
2 Finish with plywood skin Complete
3 Put up rest of ceiling Complete
4 Fill in hole in steel on starboard side Complete
5 Make serviceable console Complete
6 Install seating Abandoned
7 Install VHF radio system Complete
8 Install compass Complete
9 Install depth finder Abandoned

Engine Room

1 Clean engine room top & bottom Abandoned
2 Paint engine room top & bottom Abandoned
3 Sort out fuel return pump v belts Complete
4 Check & resolve fuel return leak Complete
5 Sort out cooling pump v belts Complete
6 Check for other loose v belts Complete
7 Reconnect 110v dc generator Complete
8 Reconnect 24v Generator Complete
9 Install piping for forward hold bilge pump Complete
10 Install piping for fish hold bilge pump Complete
11 Replace safety barriers Abandoned
12 Install new safety barrier by donkey engine Abandoned
13 Secure deck plates Abandoned
14 Change engine oil Complete
15 Change gearbox oil Abandoned
16 Resolve port rear fuel tank issue (welding rod) Abandoned
17 Repair badly rusted seawater inlet filter box and pipes Abandoned
18 Finish connecting engine vent to outside Complete

Battery room

1 Secure batteries Complete


1 Install freezer Abandoned
2 Secure stove Complete
3 Secure fridge Complete

Steering room

1 Replace defective steering solenoid Complete
2 Finish work on shelves Complete

Fish hold

1 Cleanup, paint & line floor with plastic Abandoned
2 Put up temporary lights Complete
3 Put in new ladder Complete
4 Put up temporary shelves Complete
5 Clear out junk from forward hold Complete
6 Clear out junk from steering room Complete

Forward hold

1 Repair holes - port & starboard Abandoned
2 Repair holes in forward hold deckhead Abandoned
3 Fill with ballast Abandoned
4 Install anchor and winch system Complete

Blue items are weather dependant
Red items are weather and tide dependant

High priority items are defined as those which must be done before Lady Jane Sails, either because of safety or because they would be difficult to do once I'm back on the Itchen.

Medium priority items are those which should be done before Lady Jane sails, as they will be tricky to do once on the Itchen or, like the outside tap, they will make other jobs easier to perform .

Low priority items are those which can be done once I'm on the Itchen, though it would be good to have as many of them done now as possible.

Additionally, the rib engine needs changing - preferally to a modern 90hp version.This is a high priority as the rib will serve as our liferaft.

This is now complete - 85HP actually